Q25: To discuss your resume, can you schedule a phone interview?


Q25: To discuss your resume, can you schedule a longer (30 minute) phone interview with one of my assistants?

The short answer is, no, I'm unable to schedule it.

The long answer is, you need to be more specific. I'm unable to give up to 30 minutes of my time, for free, to everyone with a telephone and a long list of open-eneded questions. If you have nothing specific, and if you want to talk (and talk and talk and talk) and practice your interview skills at my expense for up to 30 minutes, I'm sorry... there are not enough FREE hours in the day.

I want to work with brokers who have something specific, and are able to glean enough information from my resume and a 5-10 minute phone interview to do an effective job match. I want to work with agents who are able to assess my skills on their own, during a 5-10 minute phone call. If they have to rely on some test or assistant to tell them what to tell the end client, they shouldn't be representing me; time is my most valuable commodity; please don't waste it.

Real recruiters don't play games with my time, life and paycheck. Real recruiters don't try to convince me to stay on the phone for more than 5-10 minutes. Real recruiters want 5-10 minute phone interviews, not 30-minute computer-based tests. Real recruiters want a mutual exchange of information, not one-sided conversations, not one-sided computer-based performance tests.


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