Q26: Can you fill out a skills summary form?


Q26: Can you fill out a skills summary form (or any other form)?

The short answer is ...

No, not at this time. However, if you have a list of questions from the end client that is relevant to a specific contract — if you really have a contract — I will be happy to answer them. The issue is, there are up to one thousand agencies. And up to one thousand forms. And they keep changing. And there are not enough hours in the day. And my time is valuable; please don't waste it.

Taking advantage of job seekers' desire to please potential employers, identity thieves ask for all sorts of personal information: your name, birth date, credit information — all the things they need to steal your identity and spend your money. The FBI says, if you encounter a request for your personal, financial, or identity information, such as Social Security number or any other digital identifier, exercise extreme caution, AND report any suspicious activity.


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