Qualifications, Software Quality Assurance Engineer Resume



Rob has the following qualifications:

  • Ten (10) years of experience as a Professional Engineer,
  • Ten (10) years of experience as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer,
  • Registered and Licensed Professional Engineer,
  • Technician's Diploma in Electronics,
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, and
  • Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering.

Patrick B. (Recruiter) writes, "Rob, I got your resume and it looks good... Your education and experience are excellent." MORE

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Because Rob is a test engineer! He will speed up the work of your developers, so that they can fully devote their time to build up your product...

Because Rob is a professional engineer! He will reduce your risk of legal liability...

Because Rob will give you the evidence, written by a professional engineer, that your software is correct and operates properly. MORE


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