Q4: If I download your resume all formatting will be lost


Q4: If I download your resume, all formatting will be lost.

The short answer is, my resumes shouldn't lose any formatting characters. If, in the unlikely event it ever occurs, I suggest you ask for help from your hosting company, or from your Internet service provider (ISP). Their technical support is usually free.

The long answer is...

They're the very same documents. The resumes that I could email to you are the very same documents that you can find on my web site. If your computer is able to download without any errors from the server of your email account provider, then it should be able download without any errors from the server of "robdavispe.com".

Formatting characters are embedded in the text of 'Word' documents. When your computer makes a copy of my resume, it will not change my resume. Unless you change the ".doc" file extension to something else - which is neither a necessity nor a good idea - it would be very unusual for a Word document to lose any of its formatting characters.


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