Experience, Software QA Test Resume



Rob has the following experiences:

  • Automotive (see resume),
  • Commercial (see resume),
  • Continually interacting with you at every stage of your project,
  • Contract work (as a contract engineer),
  • Delivering test scripts that work, are in budget, and on schedule,
  • Delivering what you ask for, and more;
  • Developing state of the art software controlled products,
  • Doing a good job for you,
  • Fortune 500 clients,
  • Manufacturing (see resume),
  • Medical device (see resume),
  • Real-time, embedded applications,
  • Software documentation,
  • Software QA, software testing, software verification, V&V,
  • Nine (9) years of experience (see resume),
  • Working in team environments, and
  • Working with software, electrical, electronics, test and verification engineers.

Ryan N. (Branch Manager) writes, "Rob Davis, Hello and thank you for the resume. I'd like to congratulate you on the most organized and informative resume / FAQs I have ever seen! It's about time someone got it right. I love it!" MORE

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Why hire Rob?

Because Rob is a test engineer! He will speed up the work of your developers, so that they can fully devote their time to build up your product...

Because Rob will gather, capture, collect, define, document, methodically investigate and prioritize system requirements.

Because Rob is a professional engineer! He will reduce your risk of legal liability...

Because Rob will give you the evidence, written by an engineer, that your software is correct and operates properly. MORE


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